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How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

Whether you want your bathroom's look and system to be entirely changed, simply want more storage, or looking to improve your home's resale value, then you must be in the stage of considering a bathroom renovation. 

It is possible though to keep bathroom renovation costs down to around $7000. At this price point, you're not only looking at cosmetic changes, but your entire bathroom can have its tiles, toilet, shower screen, vanity and other fixtures changed already. Do note that this will depend on your bathroom's size and the bathroom fixtures you chose. No changes in plumbing here too!

So here's my bathroom renovation cost breakdown (on a budget):

  1. The cost per square meter for labour and materials is $1500. For more information on our labour costs, check this.
  2. Wall and floor tiles, vanity, toilet suite, shower screen and other fixtures will cost $1910. For more bathroom packages, click here.
  3. The average area of a bathroom in Sydney is 3.6 square meter. So total costs for labour and materials is $5400 ($1500 x 3.6 square meter). Adding labour, material and bathroom package will total $7310.

The renovation will be finished in around 5 days. Here's the steps:

  1. Remove the old P.C. items (shower screen, vanity, toilet, etc.);
  2. Waterproof the existing floor tiles and shower;
  3. Tiling over Existing Tiles (Around 15mm will be thicker than now from wall & Floor)
  4.  Install New P.C. Item on existing Position

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?