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Free Rough Quote

To avail our free quote, please provide us with the following information:

Please remind us beforehand to come up with a quotation.



1) Will You supply the prime cost (P.C.) items (such as tiles, vanity, bath, mixer, shower set, shower screen, toilet, toilet paper holder, tower rail, floor waste, etc.)?

Yes (if yes, prepare details of the P.C. items) or No

2) Do you want us to supply you the fixtures(recommended for rental property or hassle-free option)

Yes or No 

3) Do you want to change the layout of bathroom? (there will be extra cost for every position of electric, plumbing, and ceiling and repaint, change doors, windows changed)

Yes or No

4) What size is your bathroom? (specify height, width and length)

For example, 24 x 24 x 24 meter

5) What kind of tiles do you want for your wall, floor or niche? 

For example: It can be 300x600m in size or Mosaic in design or a natural stone setup.

6) Is there any room for skip bins at your house?

Yes or No

7) Do we need to move your plumbing, drain and water service?

Yes or No

8) Do you need electrician services?

Yes or No

9) Do you live in a house, apartment or unit?

Specify if it's a house, apartment or unit.

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We are happy to communicate with you through Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime and come up with a rough quotation. The choice is yours.

If you're happy, I will come and do the site inspection. Kindly bring with you also the contract form with payment schedule. We make things clear first with no hidden costs.

Looking for an affordable option?

For bathroom renovations,

this is the frequently asked question.

What is the cheapest option ?

Step 1. Remove Old P.C. Items (Shower screen, Vanity,Toilet,Bath)

Step 2. Waterproofing on the Top of existing Floor Tiles & Shower

Step 3. Tiling over Existing Tiles (Around 15mm will be thicker than now from wall & Floor)

Step4. Install New P.C. Item on existing Position

(Takes 5~6 Working Days only)

For example:

 2mx1.8m=3.6 sqm. with 2.4(high) Bathroom x $1500/sqm. 

$ 5400 only for labour & Material for work with Skip bins.

P.C Items (From $1910)+

300x600 cm.  Wall tiles & 300x300 cm. Floor tiles with 

Options here.

Supply & Install Price only From $7310 +GST  

will be the cheapest option from us.